Ride Videos and Event pictures featuring Dave's FWD trike! Photos from group rides with friends! From 2010 to July 2017.

Some pictures from February to July 2017:

This year started off with a mad rush to get some development pieces welded at a local shop after my welder guy went AWOL ( two years now) so I have to find a new person or learn myself. I've been riding the Trek MTB a lot as it's way easier to ride out of the house to a local trail area and paved loop than commit four hours to a short ride with the recumbents. I did get on the 700 for the March Withlacoochee ride event with a bunch of trike guys on their new Greeenspeed Aeros. I took the 700 as the FWD's are in boxes waiting for the move.

Yes I do own a Bacchetta Corsa and a Catrike 700 along with other bikes! And I did place a road bike on layaway! Lately I've been tweaking the Corsa for a better fit. Too bad it's a pain to break down for my small car!


Some pictures from February to October 2016:

Lets just say the new year has been problematic! Lots of things going on with work, personal and health scares that have sidelined myself and lots of plans for 2016. The death of my mother in November 2015 put a hold on a lot of things as we had to take care of the estate, ongoing monthly bills and prep the house for sale. A lot of work with help from family and friends.  The estate was closed in late May, and then in late June I had some chest issues that are still being diagnosed with doctor orders to not do cardio! (See 2017 events above) I did bring the 700 to the October Withlacoochee event, I mean, come on who won't drive two hours for a free T-Shirt!

Ride Events and general stuff from March 2015 to Christmas 2015:

After March's 2015 Catrike Rally, which sadly is their last "Rally" a lot of things happened with work, family and relationships that sidelined any new advancement in FWD builds. Over Memorial weekend I cleaned and modified the original red DBT3 prototype. I also took time to fix some nagging little things on the race trike. In July I bought a new recumbent bike, a Baccetta! I was motivated to ride more in August and September as I had some event rides planned on Florida Trails and some of the pictures are from these events.  In November I had a death in the family and that has been the focus since then. My last ride was Thanksgiving 2015. So we all look forward to a new beginning and hopefully new focus and motivation for 2016.

March 21st 2015 at the Clean Air Ride hosted on the Withlacoochee Trail:

March 21st 2015 Clean Air Ride! I got up at 4:30 am and headed for Inverness on a very foggy morning. I haven't been on the trail in two years so it was fun to go back. It seemed to me the number of registered riders were down as the usual lines for everything weren't there.  Our local recumbent group gathered for pictures and off we went. Everybody had their own pace and after the first rest stop we were all scattered. I knew I wasn't doing 60 miles, and I ended up doing 40 miles. I took some iPhone pictures and hopefully the event photographers got some good stills of the FWD 'race trike' I've been testing.

March 7th 2015 at the 11th Catrike Rally:

March 7th 2015 Catrike Rally! I took a few snapshots during the staging and registration and rest areas. There were a lot MORE people this year ( approx 350) and all kinds of trikes! I wasn't sick and I decided I was gonna have a good time and enjoy the ride! I and others went all the way to the end of the new trail extension west of Clermont.  The weather the past few years hasn't been the typical sunny and warm but cool and overcast but we all had a great time. The rally is a great social event where a lot of folks only see each other once a year. I took a short video at the beginning to show most of the riders.

February 7th 2015 test ride with the yellow trike:

I actually got out of the house and met some riders at the WOT (West Orange Trail) for a approx 30 ish mile ride. Some of the riders take detours to add miles. On the way to the trailhead I shot some iPhone video and had ride leader Phil shoot some more of me on the race trike. I still have some issues to resolve on the steering before I try and push it.  That's one reason I did not attend the 2015 HPV races in Ft Lauderdale today. (A short video is on my youtube channel DBTrikes)


March 1st 2014 the 10th Catrike Rally:

March 2014 Catrike Rally! I took a few snapshots during the staging and registration and rest areas. There were a lot of people and all kinds of trikes! I really missed the best shot (camera in bag) when we all started off and there was a half mile long convoy of trikes  heading toward the trail. Maybe someone else got that and will share! Weather at the start was cool and foggy, but turned into a beautiful day. Use keywords Catrike Rally on youtube for videos of the rallies.

I was sick all week long and really wasn't up to ride, but I pushed it, after all, the 10th anniversary is a special one. Got to get the free t-shirt! I'd like to say thanks to all the folks who came up to me and commented on the FWD trike build progress, videos and website.  With so many folks it's hard to remember names and places, so I will apologize  up front if we talked and I couldn't remember your name from last year!

I really would like to have gone to the factory tour and snoopped around, but being sick, it was better for me to head home. As always, "next year!"


February 2014 HPRA Races:

Videos taken at the 2014 races held at the Brian Piccolo Park. We went last year and learned a lot about racing and the trike and my fitness level or lack of! This year I thought I had a better fitness plan, and to be honest I was faster in some regards but not really 'race' ready. This video has on board shots from Saturday's road course racing and Sunday's velodrome racing events. The scope of the video will be to give the viewer a sense of racing and not really in depth detail about the events or racers. The event pace was pretty fast with not a lot of time to socialize:)


Saturday's outdoor road course Trike Races:


Sunday's Velodrome:



September 2013 DBT4 Walk Around:

We did a brief walk around of the DBT4 FWD prototype that we've been testing this year. We plan to do more in depth "dry" test fit and assembly videos of the new units going together. We are still working on getting some new tooling for the rear frame unit. There are two more videos on my youtube channel, use FWD Trike or David Bruce as keyword.

 A walk around video the DBT4 prototype:


February 2013 Florida Challenge:

Watch our video of the fast recumbents of the Human Powered Race America Series! The  2013 Florida Challenge was held at Brain Piccolo Park, in Cooper City. This very nice sports park has a road course and a Velodrome! Every February a bunch of recumbent racers come down to race the 12 Hours of Sebring and stay a week in sunny Florida to do the Velodrome event.

The videos feature racing action from various events from Saturday's road course and Sunday's velodrome racing. I got my buddy to film my sprint attempt on the velodrome! For me personally, it was a eye opening experience and provided some great feedback in the performance of the trike even with my lack of conditioning.

 A short video of Saturday's Trike Race:

Sunday's Velodrome event:



November 2012 Horrible Hundred:

Our latest ride video is the 33rd annual Horrible Hundred bike event. This event draws more than 2000 cyclists for the challenge of rolling and steep hills in the Lake County area. Ride options are 35, 70 and 100 miles. I have been riding more hills since September, but my fitness didn't seem to be any better than last year! Part One video starts with some footage of the vendors and expo tents and the mass start. The rest of the video shows some of the first 16 miles.

Part Two video covers the final 16 miles of the 35 mile route, including Scrub Jay Lane. Maybe next year I can devote more time to riding and challenge the 70 miles route! Last year some jackass was verbally harassing the riders, this year tacks were thrown on the road at certain areas of the ride. Maybe someone has the guy on film with all the video cameras around.

The event photographers weren't stationed at the hills this year, so we have a different background. The guy on the trike behind me is pretty fast, but I'm in front for the photo!

Mass start for the 100 mile group. Tacks, 2 in the front and 2 in the rear along with lots of other riders.


On Fosgate road about 12 miles in. That's K Rowe of bicycletrailreview behind me.

2012 Horrible Hundred Part 2 Ride Video:


October 2012 Withlacoochee Trail:

October 2012 Withlacoochee "Rails to Trails" Ride video. Withlacoochee State Trails have fund raising events twice a year, one in March and the other in October. There was a group of local trike riders and I brought along the camera. Hopefully I captured the beautiful day we had on the early morning ride heading south.

Heading south on the trail. Showing off the FWD's driveline!



June 2012 Cocoa River Ride:

I'm in there, far back with the green shirt!


March 2012 Trail Rides on the second FWD prototype:

March 2012 Ride Events. March 3rd 2012 was the 8th annual Catrike Rally and Factory Tour. I shot some video and it will be a little different than the 2011 videos. I tried to capture more of the event than the FWD Trike. But I had so much attention and interest in the new trike, I was late on the start and was almost last to leave! Next year I want to be up front!

On March 31st I went to the Withlachoochee Taril to support the "Clean Air Ride" event. I met some of our local recumbent riders and they helped out to get some additional video angles and I think the video turned out really well. I rode the brand new FWD Orange Trike.

Catrike Rally, it seemed like a smaller crowd than last year's event. Bright Orange FWD prototype 2.

West Orange Trail March 3 2012

Withlachoochee Trail March 2012



March's Withlacoochee "Clean Air Ride" near Floral City.


November 2011 Clermont's "The Horrible Hundred" Bike Ride:

Testing the FWD in the Hills around Lake County!


October 2011 Withlacoochee Rails to Trail Bike Event:

My first trip to Witlacoochee State Trail. I did about 45 miles.


July 2011 Cocoa Florida River Side Ride:

A mob at the ride, we've haven't had this many riders since.

May 2011 Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, South Carolina:

Memorial Day Weekend 2011. I take a little vacation and ride the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, South Carolina. I'm trying to learn how to do trail videos to showcase the trail and scenery along with the trike. Greenville has the Reedy River Falls park located downtown which makes a beautiful backdrop for pictures and more!

The trail runs through Furman University. Pause for a picture!

Swamp Rabbit Trail

 Swamp Rabbit Trail Part 2


Beautiful Reedy River Falls runs through downtown Greenville.

March 2011 Catrike Rally:

In March 2011 the 7th annual Catrike Rally was held in Winter Garden and it was a blast! Hundreds of trike and recumbent riders were on West Orange Trail to Clermont and back. I had just gotten the Gopro HD camera and took it along! I went back the next weekend to add more footage with music and editing. The video shows some of the rally riders and the beautiful trail too!

Riding back with Dan, who has been to all the rallies. Lake Minneola in the background.

Catrike Rally and West Orange Trail Video

Part Two

Part Three


My first Trike Rally! March 2011 at Winter Garden, FL.

November 2010 Reassembly Videos on the Red (steel) original FWD prototype:

The FWD Trike Reassembly Series from November 2010. After the first test ride video I had some comments about seeing the "guts" of the tricycle instead of my knees! A nine part video series of the reassembly after paint and chroming documents how the first one is put together. I also tried to describe each major section and some of the thoughts behind the design.  There are 9 videos, each detailing a specific area of the FWD prototype. All videos are on youtube:

Build Video Part One

Suspension Arms and Steering

Part Two

Shocks and Front Boom

Part Three


Part Four

Half Shaft

Part Five


Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine


The first video from September 2010, a ride around the neighborhood with the unpainted test frame:

FWDTrike Video 1

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